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You can't anticipate every crisis. You can't always predict how big it will be or how much it will impact on your organisation.

But you can be ready...

Watching an organisation go through a crisis can be like watching a kid's football game. There's lots of energy and commitment, but little coordination. They're mostly focussed on the ball, running where it goes, not thinking about the plan or their role in the strategy. It's not impossible to get a goal but it's usually through luck, not teamwork.

Unfortunately no organisation can afford to lose the crisis game. 

How can you face it, resolve it and learn from it?  You need policy, systems and teams.  You need realistic plans with properly trained and exercised staff.  You also need to respond well to issues and incidents to lessen the chance of a crisis happening at all.

Crisis Ready is just that – ready to support your organisation as you prepare, respond and recover.

We bring real experience and genuine solutions.

We will build your capacity to survive and thrive.

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What turns a disaster or major accident into a crisis is outrage from those affected.

The boss will always be away – plan accordingly.

6 Things to Remember in a Crisis

Recognise that the most important asset in a crisis is information.

Plan for a long operation – think about resting people.

Look after each other.

A plan that hasn't been exercised is not a plan.

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